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About us

NO. 1

The beginning

Life has been our school. Homme Maison our personal vision; it’s our point of view of the world. Homme Maison was always something I dreamed of creating as it’s inspired by my beginnings and evolves through my journey, but I wanted to wait until the right time to start the brand. Through our experiences like working for my mother for MNG Barcelona in the americas while studying architecture , travelling to Brazil during the World Cup, spending endless summers all around the Caribbean , Jamaica, Puerto Rico , Colombia, Panama , Mexico , Cuba and many more. Plus being brought up in a multicultural home with Polynesian and Caribbean background, our lives always revolved around nature and the sea.
The juxtaposition of the building and nature and how they articulate to create beauty.

NO. 2

The brand

The many references were manifested throughout the line’s palette of watercolour.
Colour and palm tree prints, relaxed tailoring in emerald green, and artwork that represent all past experiences in our lives.

What makes them special is the prints, each one hand‑painted by our in‑house water colourist at the studio. One of us is from an architectural background, but showing the beauty of nature is really at the centre of our work. If you look at any our garments you’ll find a combination of architecture and nature in the prints.


NO. 3


Homme Maison is a lifestyle, a community. Our designs come to life through our uniquely vivacious colour palette, accented with fresh tennis whites and pops of pastel. Homme Maison’s leisurewear‑inspired silhouettes are refined but relaxed and presented in heavy weight cotton, plush terry cloth and made specifically to achieve the highest quality using unique fabrics. The brand seeks to influence beauty in menswear
We believe Australia has the potential to be the best in fashion and we want to be part of it.


NO. 4

The future

We hope to contribute in a positive way to shaping culture, fashion and art. What I see in our eyes is a world of beauty. Not everyone can see it, so if we can express a little of what we see maybe it can spread a little hope. We also think we will continue seeing menswear evolve with society and I think men will continue to become more confident to take risks, experiment with fashion more. Society and our attitudes to societal norms are changing rapidly and that will influence the direction of fashion a lot for the future. We are excited to see where we go.